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G. C. Hardin Society
February 9, 2017

The G. C. Hardin Society was established to recognize alumni and friends who affirm their commitment to UAFS by using their estate plans to ensure future gifts. Prior to 2017, donors who had created an endowment were also included in the G.C. Hardin Society.
G. C. Hardin, an attorney and local civic leader, is credited with the idea that created Fort Smith Junior College in 1928.

Nina J. Abernathy
June and Jim Alexander, Jr.
Alma 1950's Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Thelma Anderson*
Dr. Walter C. Angel
ArcBest Corporation
Arkansas State Dental Hygiene Association
Lilian H. Aston*
Wilma* and John G.* Ayers
Kathy and Doug Babb
Cynthia A. Bagby*
Ed Ballman* Foundation
Margaret* and E. E.* Barber
Katie and Dale Basham
Carole and George Beattie
Jan and Rick Beauchamp
Eloise* and Edward* Bedwell
Kimberly Hanna Behrend
Antoinette Beland
Sherri L. and Jimmy G.* Bell
Benning-Keller Endowment*
Janice H. and Paul B. Beran, Ph.D.
Rose* and Edgar* Bethell
Nancy and Kent Blochberger
Marjorie Boer
Vicki Bond
R. S. Boreham*
Sally McSpadden Boreham*
Mary and Jerry Bray
Myrtle McGehee Brewer*
Virginia and Gary* Bronson
Carolyn and Michael Brown
Dr. Helen Brown*
Lucy Sicard and Bill Buergler
Ann Bumpass*
Jimmie D. Caldwell*
Elizabeth Callaway*
Verna* and Robert* Cargile
Scott Carty
Robert L. Chester*
Ann Childs
Dorothy* and Bill* Clopton
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Fort Smith
Esther H. Cook
Reita and Lee Coots
Mary Copeland*
Carl D. Corley
Cleve Cotner*
Ray W. Cotton*
David Craig
Linda and Byron* Cravens
Keith Crocker*
Dwight Hobbs Curry
Benham Carter Dangers*
Sharon and Michael Daniels
Phyllis* and Walter* Davidson
Alline* and Chloe* C. Davis Foundation
Carl Davis
Bill* and Marjorie* Stewart Dixon
Elizabeth Dodson*
Maxine and Sid* Donaldson
Riley N. Donoho*
Zuma* and J. Griss* Dooly
Mary* and J. D.* Edwards
Ilse and Eric* Erickson
Dorothea Lucille Sawyer Eskoff*
Elizabeth H.* and Stanley* E. Evans Foundation
Mrs. George Falk*
Drs. Kay* and T. A.* Feild III
Dr. Robert Finch
First Bank Corp
Phala* and Don* Flanders
JoAnn and Harry Foster
Flora* and Earl* Franklin
Janice and Larry* Franklin
Helen Frasier*
Sally and Elvin Frick
Myles Friedman
Frost Oil Company
A. O.* and Katherine* Fry
Jane* and Lester* Furr
Betty and J. B.* Garrison, Jr.
JoAnn and Jack Gedosh
General William O. Darby Chapter, MOAA
Lucious Glenn
Katherine* and A.C.* Goldtrap
Helen Goodman*
Marie* and William E.* Gott
Margaret and Edward* Graham
Lena Graves
Mrs. Layton N. Gray*
Greater Fort Smith Association of Homebuilders
HSA Engineering Consulting Services, Inc.
Jim and Peggy Hadley
John and Jayne Hadley
Michael and Michelle Hadley
Cora Hall*
Elaine E. Hall
Roger Hall
Winnie* and Bill* Halliburton
Dr. Fred* and Helen Hander
Hanna Oil and Gas Company
Bill Hanna
Jim Hanna*
Mike Hanna
Charles Hansard*
Virginia Harcrow*
Lori Hardin
The Wayne* Hardings
William W. Harriss*
Barbara and Richard* Hartigan
Grace and George* Harvey
J. Franklin Hawkins*
Janelle* and H.L.* Hembree
Beth and Sam Highsmith
Gale and Michael* Hightower
Gretchen Hill
Mabel* and Lloyd* Hobbs
Marlin Hoge, M.D.
Dr. E. Z.* and Nancy E.* Hornberger
Dorothy Hosford
Martha Abee Hughes*
Robert Huleatte*
Irene* and T. L.* Hunt
Rebecca Raney Hutson*
Mary and Dr. Layton Jackson
Paula* and S. W. Jackson
Mary* and Manny* Jaye
Jones, Jackson & Moll, PLC
Louise* and Robert* Jones
Sheila and Stacey Jones
Thurman O. Jordan
Carol Barnes Joyce*
Patricia* and Marvin Kastama
Elizabeth Formby Keel
Cleone Kelley*
Gordon Kelley*
Ruby Murphy Kennedy*
Betty* and William* Klusmeier
William E. Knight, M.D.*
Beth* and Chester Koprovic
Eulalie K. Kraft*
Helen Rhodes Krohn*
Marianne Lane-Thompson
John Lange, M.D.
Paul Latture*
Pauline Forsgren Leach*
Terri L. Smith-Leins
Julia W.* and Harry S.* Lieber, Jr.
Dr. Selma Lippeatt*
Bryant Lipscomb
Frank Lockwood, M.D.
Mary Anne Lockwood
Jessie Marie Long*
Judy I. and Larry D. Loux
Pauline Lowrey*
Marta and Gregory Loyd
Margaret Mandeville*
Marilyn Manis
Ruth Martin*
Teddy* and Earl* Martin
Lauri Pendergraft Mason
Jeri and Walton Maurras
Mary McCann*
Beverly L. McClendon
Kimberly and John McFarland
Betty and Bill* McLendon
Jack McNeil*
Patrick and Stacy McNeill
Robert S. Meek, Jr.
Roger S. Meek, Jr.
Joan Miller*
Nadine and Bob Miller
George J. Mills*
Carolyn McK. Moore, Ed.D.
James Hayden Moore*
Joyce Moore*
Thomas J. Moore*
Lynn Pendleton Nancarrow
Sally C. and Rodney E. Naucke
Margaret Marsh Newell*
Genelle and Dave Newton
Cheryl Nichols
Nancy Orr*
Maudress Overstreet*
Elizabeth* and Merhl* Palenske
Adelyn Rose Pansze*
Douglas W. Parker, Jr., M.D. * Endowment*
Loretta and Douglas Parker
Melissa Parker
Marilyn and E. H. "Pat" * Patterson
Rosa Belle Pebley*
Donnie and Ross* Pendergraft
Neal R. Pendergraft
Margaret* and Virgil* Peters
Mamie Pettijohn*
Mittie* and Sam* Phillips
Pauline Plummer*
Sara Polinskey
Janice and Robert Powell
Caroline Jackson Preston*
Katie* and John* Putnam
Jack Ragon*
Pearl D. Raney*
Rosemary and Eugene G. Rapley
Marjorie and Dr. Ralph* Reed
Riverside Furniture Corporation
Earl Robinson
James Robinson*
Vicki and Mark Rumsey
Kathleen Safreed*
St. Edward Mercy Auxiliary
Sandi and Sandy Sanders
Jane* and Boyd Saviers, M.D.
Betty Scarborough
Linda and Kenneth Schmidt
Edward Schrotz*
Marian S.* and William R.* Sengel
Patricia Y. Shaw
Jean and Jack* Shields
Harry Shipley, Jr.
Sherron and Charles* Shuffield
Sam M. Sicard*
Simmons First National Bank
Sisters of Mercy of St. Edward
Ruth Skinner*
Connie and Doug Smith
Fred W. Smith
Jorgette and John Smith
Luween* and David* Smith
Margueritte* and John H.* Smith
Lynn and Jim Snider, M.D.
Sparks Regional Medical Center
Ralph Speer, Jr.*
Camilla Steelman*
Jeannette G.* and Jennings J.* Stein
Marion* and Charles* Stephens
Barbara* and Joel* Stubblefield
Dr. Modena Sullivan*
Randall David Swaim
Norris C. Taylor, Jr.*
Faye Ferguson Thomas*
Anne and Justin Thomas
Mildred Thompson*
Essie Mae Trent*
Evelyn Pendleton* and Finley* Turner
Mary and Richard Udouj
Josephine Underwood*
Helen Van Sickel*
Claudia Curl Vaughn* (Class of 1939)
Sally Lick Vick*
Annis Lick Walcott*
Bill Steve Walker
W. R. Walker*
Beth and Gordon* Watson
Delphia* and Bill* Weeks
Peggy and Bill Weidman
Ila* and John* Wells
Betty Jane West*
Billie and David West
Randy Wewers
Mary* and John* Whitt
Chris Whitt
Franklin Wilder*
Betty Wilkinson
Mrs. Hill (Bess) Williams*
Jane Warner Williams
Carole and Jim Williamson
John Wilson*
Juanita* and William* Winscott
Joan Marie Worley*
Ed Dell Wortz*
Jim and Julie Yandell
Edith Yeakley*
Mary Carleton and Robert Young III
Zero Mountain, Inc.
Zonta Club of Fort Smith

Thirteen anonymous members
* Deceased